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KAVA surfaces

architectural surfaces

made from coffee waste

The ground or husk?

KAVA is an organic, plastic-free material made from coffee waste. It's created by using a combination of coffee waste and other organic fibres such as powdered fruit stone or crushed argan and walnut shells. This specialist combination is pressed onto a chipboard or plywood with our unique formulation of binders. We achieve a range of different colours and textures by using organic powders or byproducts such as ground metals, powdered marble, charcoal dust, and natural pigments.

What sets us apart?

We know other surfaces exist that use coffee waste, but we believe that our product, vision, mission, and values is what distinguishes us from the others.

Waste materials are sometimes used in composites but rarely do they contain zero plastics. Our surfaces don't contain anything toxic to the environment or your health. That means that when it does reach the end of its life, our products are fully recyclable and you can be certain that even if they were to somehow finish up in landfill, then they will decompose naturally in a similar way to wood.

Need help?

We can work with you to design the ideal worktop for you.

We can discuss your space, your durability requirements, your colour scheme and your overall look.