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We believe that the secret to success is to collaborate and connect with the likeminded. That's why we've gained ourselves some friends who have a similar ethos, who too are passionate about reducing waste and using non-toxic and sustainable materials. Here is our list of useful links.


We have recently collaborated with Kind Construction and Kind Supply. They are a Lewes based company specialising in sustainable construction methods and materials. They use old hessian coffee sacks, are lovers of hemp and lime plaster, and reclaim much of their timber!

Interior Design

Chloe Bullock has been in the design industry since 1994 and has been running Materialise Interiors since 2005. Chloe is passionate about sustainability, healthy and cruelty-free design and loves to help clients achieve this through commercial and residential projects. She is not only experienced and qualified in interior design, but she has also taken further study into the subject of sustainability.

Biophilic Garden Rooms

InSpira are designers and manufacturers of biophilic garden rooms. They are designed to help boost prouctivity and creativity making them the perfect solution for a garden office, a studio, or even a gym. They are truly beautiful with their unique spiral roof following the Fibonacci sequence, many of their materials are recycled and reclaimed.


We have been buying wood from The Wood Store for years. Established in 1998, the then 'Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project', was the first scheme of its kind in the UK and was set up as an organisation commited to finding a way to reuse waste timber and seeing it for what it truly is.

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