Circular logo saying 'Tomas & Jani' with a graphic of a sleeping bird in the centre.

We are a small team located in the heart of East Sussex. We design and make contemporary furniture using waste materials that are otherwise destined for landfill.

We were tired of seeing cheaply produced materials having been shipped from afar, having a short life cycle and inevitably ending up in landfill. With interior design trends changing so often, and people wanting to update their furniture regularly, there had to be another way. 


After much designing and experimenting, we have developed methods to re-use the likes of used coffee grounds, stone dust, metal dust, recycled paper, pallets and bearers, and other such sustainable materials. It's really important to us that the business is as local as possible, so we source coffee from local independents, use unwanted building materials from skips, and take pallets from nearby industrial estates. All of our team are local and we tend to not have any materials shipped in. If we can't find a recycled or local product, we make sure to buy sustainable and only ever use wood that is FSC certified. 

We're constantly inventing and designing, and finding new ways of using waste. Our aim is to have a closed-loop cycle within the community. Ideally we would like to give customers the opportunity to return their furniture when they no longer want it and/or it has come to the end of their life, and we'll find a way to update it with a new design thus not creating any waste. 

We hope to change the way that people think about furniture in their home, and want to inject some positivity into the community and to inspire others to think more sustainably.