Circular logo that reads 'Tomas & Jani' with a graphic of a sleeping bird in the centre.

Our mission is to continually develop and innovate new ideas by regenerating waste and transforming it into attractive and affordable products. 

We know that trends and people change all the time and instead of fighting against that, we aim to accommodate it by offering sustainable solutions and alternatives to interior materials.

We're a small Brighton-based team of designers and makers who are passionate about sustainability. We were tired of seeing cheaply produced materials been shipped from far away, having a short life cycle and inevitably ending up in landfill. With interior design trends changing so often, and people wanting to update their furniture regularly, there had to be another way.

After a lot of experimenting, we have developed methods to re-use the likes of used coffee grounds, stone dust, metal dust, recycled paper, pallets and bearers, and other waste materials. It's really important to us that the business is as local as possible, so we source coffee from local independents, use unwanted building materials from skips, and take pallets from nearby industrial estates. All of our team are local and we tend to not have any materials shipped in. If we can't find a recycled or local product, we make sure to buy sustainable and only ever use wood that is FSC certified.

Who are we?


As a closed-loop production company, we're passionate about locality and community, and we aim to change the relationship people have with recycling. Our architectural and decorative surfaces can be used in various residential and commercial settings and can be used as worktops, wall panels, furniture, and homeware items. We offer a wide range of colour and texture to give our surfaces versatility so they can be suited to all kinds of interior finishes.


Although we can create almost uniform-like pieces, each and every surface we make has its own unique quirk. Because we craft and finish all of our pieces by hand, each surface tells its own story. We're always developing and coming up with new ways to work and create.


With 30 years of experience, we can make bespoke surfaces, furniture and cabinetry for your home or business.


We know that in our culture, fashion and interior trends change constantly, it's inevitable. But we also feel there is a responsible way to accommodate this without buying into the mass produced, carbon-emitting industry. Imagine a world where you could return your item back to the place you bought it from and they transformed it into something else?


Sustainability is our passion and our promise. We salvage our materials and create minimal to zero waste, giving you a brand to trust in.