Circular logo saying 'Tomas & Jani' with a graphic of a sleeping bird in the centre.

Tomas and Jani was founded by Jani Lemut and now consists of a small team of passionate furniture makers with a range of skills.

"Born in Slovenia, I graduated from the School of Arts and Woodworking in Ljubliana and moved to London shortly afterwards to expand my design skills and broaden my experience. I set up my workshop and business went from strength to strength. Ten years later, I was commissioned to design and renovate the interior of an old fisherman’s house in St. Ives, Cornwall. Quite simply, I fell in love with the place and it wasn’t long before I decided to relocate and serve the residents of South West England instead. Then I was blessed with a family and I now live in the brilliantly eclectic Brighton, East Sussex, with my workshop a few miles down the road in Lewes.

As a child I loved the beauty of the forests, lakes and mountains surrounding my home. This naturally led to a passion for the environment and sustainable materials. My biggest loves are furniture and abstract art; many of my pieces are sculptural in their form and everything is entirely hand-crafted. I produce my furniture using a ‘closed loop production’ system which means that the items often use reclaimed materials, they are durable, repairable and there is minimal waste, all of which is non-toxic."