A quick word about bespoke home accessories

Making a home is of course about finding the right furniture that will meet your taste and fit the space of your house. But isn`t it also about all those small decorative items that will create a warm and cosy atmosphere?

When designing furniture for a client I automatically start thinking about the home accessories that might go with it. Recently I got an enquiry to create a holiday let instruction manual cover to match my furniture in a seaside themed penthouse in Cornwall.

Bespoke home accessory; holiday let manual cover Bespoke home accessory: holiday let manual cover

This particular piece is made of FCS sustainable birch skinny ply bound with fabrics and braids. The marquetry is made from a beautiful combination of rosewood, wenge, lacewood and maple veneers finished with a French polish. So if you like my idea why not be a bit more creative about bespoke home accessories?

As it goes with custom items, this folder can come in any size, colour and design and could be used as a photo album cover, IPad case, guestbook, diary or favourite recipe collection?

I will be back soon with more ideas!

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