Unique chest of drawers shown in St. Ives exhibition

The Woodland Chest of Drawers is a unique chest of drawers that was shown in my first St. Ives exhibition in September 2009. It shows again how rhododendron wood can be used to create bespoke and versatile furniture.

Unique furniture - chest of drawers

As a main feature I used discarded rhododendron branches as well as reclaimed floorboards. The top was painted and covered in a 10mm thick surfboard resin which was polished and waxed. This coating with transparent effect allows the natural wooden structure to show and at the same time results in a smooth, extremely durable and easy to look after surface.

The drawers have been made from reclaimed building materials such as plywood and cladding panels with the fronts being scribed to blend in with the natural curve and shape of the rhododendron branches. I chose a white base for this unique chest of drawers and used different layers of colours on the drawer fronts for a more natural effect. This was highlighted by beach pebbles transformed into drawer knobs.

The Woodland Chest of Drawers certainly stood out as a centre piece in my exhibition and is now owned by a private collector.

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