The decorative twin rhododendron bespoke lamp

I don’t know about you but I simply love Rhododendrons. Having lived in Cornwall for so many years I love the sight of those huge bushes, their shapes and big colourful blooms. Walking through the Cornish countryside I encounter many Rhododendron valleys, forests and thickets and find that each year they are being trimmed and pruned. Thick branches of all sizes and shapes can be collected like driftwood and this is just paradise for furniture designers like me.

One bespoke lamp I made is my Twin Rhododendron Lamp which has received rave reviews.

Rhododendron bespoke lamp Rhododendron lamp detail

Apart from the handcrafted lamp shades that come in various colours and patterns the rhododendron branches are very unique and outstanding in their shape. This is not only a fit-for-purpose and off-the-shelf home accessory but a piece that will add a very vivid and animated look to your room.
Using lamp shades that match any colours of your existing decor this piece will add some special spirit to your living room, dining area or bedroom.

More pieces of Rhododendron based bespoke furniture will follow soon because I simply love using it.

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