Versatile and unique – Tomas & Jani Bespoke Cedar Side Tables

Having lived in Cornwall for quite a while now I not only enjoy the superb summers but also the winter months when everything slows down and the weather turns rough. It is a very special sight when the gales hit the county, the storm lashed Atlantic rolls in with its big spray-topped waves and I can sit on my window seat with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the scene.

Lucky me, I am being called out afterwards to collect trees and branches that were brought down by the force of the storms hence widening my supply of different types of woods to work with.

On this occasion I came across a cedar tree which I cut up and used to create these unique and versatile side tables. The design is very simple, yet effective with its top part being sanded and varnished and the edges being decoupaged with hand-made paper. To break up the wooden theme I used 40 x 40mm boxed metal with wood inserted feet for the legs.

Bespoke side tables

As the diameter of the side tables is an approximate 40cm this bespoke and decorative piece of furniture can be also used as a seat or flower stand instead of my original idea of having it as a bedside or simple side table.

On request I can use different colours or patterned hand-made papers as decoupage so that this piece will blend in with your remaining range of furniture and would find its place in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms or kitchens.

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