With love from Bamako – the African Bench!

When I listened to my first CD of “Amadou & Mariam” – a blind couple from Mali – I was very moved and started some research on this West African country. Pictures brought the bustling city in Timbuktu and Bamako, the exciting fishing port and markets in Mopti and most important, the vast Sahara desert with its wonderful shapes and colours, to life.

Inspired by the music and the pictures of Mali I went searching for fabrics from this amazing corner of the world to use with my bespoke furniture and came across some stunning textiles with their distinct African patterns and colours.

One of them I used to design my African Bench;

Bespoke Furniture - African Bench

It is handcrafted from reclaimed sustainable ply wood which I painted in a light black colour with blue edges. I have used the fabric with its amazing hand woven pattern as the top inlay and resined it with a water based lacquer. To make this piece of furniture a bit more playful the legs of the bench are decorated with blue glass beads that correspond superbly with both the blue edges as well as the fabric.

With its size of 140 x 50 x 43 cm and being lightweight, the African Bench is very versatile and can be moved around easily. The idea behind my design was its use in living rooms, kitchens, hallways or bedrooms as either decorative or functional furniture. Use the handmade table as a sitting bench, transform it quickly into a coffee table or just enjoy it as a beautiful decorative addition to your house.
So why not listen to a bit of “Amadou & Mariam”, sit down on the African Bench and invite a bit of Africa into your home!

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