Beton Ciré

Beton Ciré Polished Decorative Concrete

Beton Ciré is a cement-based surface that is available in a wide range of beautiful colours, and can applied with a high gloss, satin or matt finish. Formulated from fine sands, resins, cements, additives and natural pigments, Beton Ciré polished decorative concrete is waterproof and flexible to work with allowing for a large range of applications. This resistant material is applied in two thin coats totalling 3mm thickness and it can be applied over existing concrete, wooden and ceramic flooring. Beton Ciré gives a seamless, hardwearing finish and when dry it is as tough as stone. It makes this decorative concrete ideal for bathroom, wet room and kitchen floors, including large floors up to 100m² without any joins. It is also ideal for walls, worktops, swimming pools, showers, staircases and can be used on furniture, sinks and baths for decorative purposes.

Beton Ciré Suppliers

Beton Ciré is also known as polished concrete, waxed concrete, resin flooring, dry-shake topping, micro-cement, micro-top, concrete overlay, micro-top or micro-topping. It needs to be applied by a trained craftsman.
Tomas & Jani work with Beton Ciré polished decorative concrete making a range of bespoke furniture and other interior decoration. Creative with Concrete can supply and install Beton Ciré, please get in touch.