Gorse Branch Lamp – Decorative floor lamp with a twist

If you have ever had the chance to hike along the coastal paths in Cornwall you will have come across the typical wild landscape, part of which are gorse plants. Especially in spring they take over with their bright yellow flowers and distinct coconut scent. As they grow in abundance they need to be cleared and cut back regularly and I was lucky enough to be given some beautifully twisted branches by a good friend.

I knew immediately that this would make a great floor lamp design so I started to debark and sand the branch and then hollowed out a channel for the cables. As gorse is a very hard and withstanding wood it took me as well as two of my apprentices almost four years to complete this task – of course working on it on and off. This is what I call a real labour of love!

Once the branch was set in its concrete base I painted it and finished it off with a wax polish to give it the shiny look I had in mind. As the lamp is part of a seaside themed penthouse apartment my focus was to find pendant shades in a very pale blue that would match the view on the sea and also create a nice contrast with the dark gorse branch. I was lucky enough to come across these beautiful pendant shades made from cracked blue glass which pieces were reset in a clear glass bowl.

Gorse branch floor lamp

Gorse branch floor lamp detail

This kind of design for a decorative floor lamp fits very well into dining areas, lounges or bedrooms and give any room a very vivid and animated twist. Due to the flexibility of working with pendants of different colours and differently twisted branches it is a real bespoke piece and eye catcher.

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