Escape – Bespoke Wood Installation by Tomas & Jani

One subject very close to my heart is that Tomas & Jani embrace and implement the corporate and personal ethos of working with sustainable, reclaimed and eco-friendly materials and recyclables.

Over the years I have been experimenting a lot with the cut offs of sheeted materials such as plywood or glued up solid wood. By adding on different coloured and patterned art papers or paint and arranging them into a composition or structure I was surprised to see the amazing results and developed my first bespoke wood installation.

‘Escape’ is a 360 x 110cm panel of decorative art commissioned by a private collector, situated in a dining area alongside the dining table. Once installed it instantly brightened up the room and reflected the colour and depth into the room.

Escape - bespoke wood installation

For this particular artwork I used a mixed media in the sense of differently textured pieces of wood cut into jigsaw-shaped structures. Each piece is painted differently and to add on texture I used additional layers of fabrics or paper decoupage.

Seeing how a bespoke wood installation can instantly transform a room through vivid colours and shapes and brighten up the atmosphere in a very playful way I decided to add this alternative art to my portfolio. As a bespoke piece of art it can be designed to fit any room such as living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens, dining areas and different colour schemes and sizes can be chosen to make a real impact!

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