Bespoke units for bathroom and steam/shower cabin

Living by the sea has always been a source of endless inspiration for me.
When I was asked to do the interior renovation of a Victorian terrace house overlooking St. Ives with its beautiful beaches and typical Cornish flair I immediately had plenty of ideas for designs.

As the house-owners were artists themselves we quickly came to an understanding that each room should have special centre pieces and eye-catchers.

For the bathroom with its steam/shower cabin I decided to adopt a shape that is so very typical for every English sea side town – boats! The upright boat shape is a perfect structural and decorative design for bespoke units in an alcove that combine design and usefulness.

Bespoke units - boat shaped

Boat shaped bathroom units

I started by building the boat shells and after having them positioned upright in their required position I built the wall around it. The effect I achieved is quite amazing – a boat sticking out of the wall. Having to think about storage space the units got a cabinet on the lower side with the basin on the top of one of them. Both pieces are fitted with mirrors and glass shelves on the upper side and are water and moist resistant.

The overall achievement of this renovated bathroom is a calming and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy spending time in and having extended steam showers! A little spa haven – a little bit of day-by-day luxury…

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