Bespoke nursery furniture – the Domani Cotbed

When talking about big adventures in life my highlight so far has certainly been becoming a father. Holding your newborn child for the first time is the most special and overwhelming feeling.

I remember very well the months of anticipation before I finally met my daughter and the urge to be prepared, have everything in place for her and design the nursery to create a warm and loving atmosphere. Obviously my child was going to have bespoke nursery furniture because that is what I do, so the centrepiece for me to design and build was the Domani Cotbed which quickly became the signature nursery furniture piece in my range:

Bespoke nursery furniture - the domani cotbed

Handmade cotbed as sofa

The Domani serves as a cot for the early stages and then simply transforms into a toddler bed and then into a sofa/day bed. Along with the spacious drawers the Domani is a beautiful design, a practical furniture piece and something that will accompany your child for a long time. I am proud that both my daughter and other babies out there are enjoying this piece of furniture that is close to my heart.

On request this bespoke cotbed can be tailored to complement the surrounding nursery furniture and colours and decorations can be chosen from a wide range of hues and patterns. Why not decorate it with your baby’s initials or some favourite characters such as Winnie the Pooh or Thomas the Tank Engine? Decorative inlays like beads, pebbles, shells could be added to make it even more special.

Along with the handmade cotbed I also offer the matching changing station which I will talk about in next week’s blog because now I will lock my workshop, go home and enjoy some play time with my daughter before she goes to sleep in her beautiful Domani cot…


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  1. Hello, thank you for your enquiry. The price for the Domani Cot is £2750.00 plus delivery which is dependent on where you are. Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss lead times and personalisation options in further detail. T&J

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