Bespoke baby changing station

After last week’s blog about my bespoke nursery furniture here comes part two about the Domani range.

To complement the cot bed I also designed a matching bespoke baby changing station that is equally unique and can be tailored to client’s specifications with regards to colours, patterns and decoration.

Bespoke baby changing station

The top is covered with a padded, easy to clean surface which will be comfortable for the little one to lie on when being changed and can be wiped down afterwards. So not to compromise the surface space by having the necessary accessories, such as nappies, creams, powders and wet wipes on top of the changing station there are three drawers available that serve as storage and most importantly they are easy to reach.

I created the Domani cotbed to be a versatile piece of furniture to grow with your child and transform from early stages cot to toddler bed and then at a later stage to a sofa / day bed. Equally the Domani changing station has been designed to exceed the early days and once it is not required as a changing station it will simply transform into a beautiful console table by turning the top board upside down. Instead of the padded surface it then displays a varnished wooden surface that matches the remaining design of the console table.

When designing my daughters nursery set I chose a neutral design using off-white colours, a pattern of pastel coloured roses and very few additional decorations. The reason behind it was that we will transform the toddler bed into a sofa and the baby changing station into a console table and the more conservative look will allow both pieces to blend into other environments and maybe find their place in our bedroom, living room or hallway.

Let necessity items become truly precious heirlooms!

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